Publik Monarch is a U.S. based business development agency. We build and manage profitable consumer product brand businesses.

At Publik Monarch we believe evolutionary changes in consumer behavior has finally leveled the playing field between large corporate brand businesses and smaller emerging brand businesses. Capturing market share and growth is no longer proprietary to those that have the most significant media budgets which makes launching a brand business in today's marketplace accessible. We guide clients through the development of a solid brand offering built around a profitable business model to ensure sustainable growth.


Our 20+ Years of Brand Business Experience

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brand business
planning & design

Publik Monarch works at the intersection of research, business design, and product development to create branded products and experiences that consumers will value and demand. We address every aspect of conceiving and launching a successful brand business —1) research to brand positioning, 2) developing the business architecture to designing operational processes, 3) business strategy to the customer acquisition journey. Publik Monarch provides consulting and brand management services to future brands.

  • Category & Market Analysis

  • Brand Insight & Development

  • Business Architectural Design

  • Modeling Differentiated Brand Value

  • Product & Service Design

PRODUCT development
& manufacturing

We help brand businesses differentiate and grow market share by designing consumer products that deliver on the brand values and promises. Publik Monarch uses a wide range of strategic supplier relationships and manufacturing experiences to help brand businesses quickly design, develop, and produce consumer products at scale. We help brand businesses capture opportunities within underserved markets through faster product development and an iterative approach to product design.

  • Supplier Sourcing

  • Prototyping & Product Development

  • Product Certification & Compliance

  • Mass Production & Quality Control

  • Shipping & Logistics

growth strategy & business management

All newly developed brand businesses face similar core challenges whether as an entrepreneurial team or as a fortune 50 corporation team. Challenges may be that resources are limited or time to profitability is of the essence which leads to organizations as a whole traversing through uncharted territories with newly formed partnerships and sales channels. Publik Monarch has a history of meeting these challenges to successfully launch and manage profitable standalone brands for both private and fortune 50 companies.

  • Marginal & Price Point Analysis

  • Distributor & Retailer Relations

  • Sales Channel Development

  • Marketing Analysis & Strategy

  • Operational Efficiency Modeling